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    In a 132/20KV substation with about 7000 tags and with 61850 and Modbus communication, redundancy in zenon, 2 x clients, do you confirm that zenon EE 6.51 can work under following conditions occurring within each one minute period simultaneously?

    -changes in 70 alarms
    -changes in 20 status indications
    -35 analogues exceeding their repoting threshold
    -25 of the 35 analogues exceeding alarm limit values
    -remote controls issued to 5 plant items
    -page alarm accept of all alarms generated

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    Do i understand correctly that you want to handle 150 value changes on 7000 variables and 5 commands pro one minute? I don't think it would be too much for iec850, especially when you use Reporting (spontaneous communication).

    But what part of the 7000 variables will be communicated over Modbus? Modbus is a polling protocol. Thus at least one time pro minute all Slaves (end devices) must be requested for all they variables.
    Do you want to use Modbus on Ethernet (TCP/IP) or serial (COM)? What frame length support your Slaves, how many variables are on one Slave and what time a Slave needs to answer a polling request?

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