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    I am relative new with SCADAs.
    I use VipWin 6.01 sp2 and make a project with Beckhoff cx9010-1001 plc. Connection between is through ethernet. I install TwinCAT OPC server on the machine where is scada. Defined TwinCAT OPC Server, try it with TwinCAT client and it works, see all plc inputs.
    In VipWin I defined a new driver (Festo OPC Easy Client / OPCDRV32 and in configuration added OPC Server: BECKHOFF.TwinCATOpcServerDA). I added few variables from this OPC to variables (I see them all), and linked with the numerical value (put variable on picture).
    When I start runtime, in the numerical field i see maximal value and no changing.

    If I click in on the small Driver icon in Taskbar (small blue F icon), select Diagnostics and in field Last error write: AddItems failed:the parameter is incorrect. On the Tab Variables is the above mentioned variable with status: The item definition doesnt conform to the server syntax.
    Do you have solution to this problem, where is the bug?

    Best regards
    Albert Nemet

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    Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the Festo Easy OPC Client driver. However, if it is similar to the zenon OPC client driver, you use either the variable name or the variable identification, to subscribe to the item in the OPC server.

    If you add variables in zenon, the variable name or identification may need to match the exact item name in the OPC server. If you renamed your variables in zenon, this can be a possible cause.

    If you right-click and hold on the element, a popup appears with the status of the variable. If it says "Spontaneous", the driver is communicating (or is in simulation). If it says "INVALID" there is a communication issue with the OPC server. If it shows the value and "**" it may mean the value in the PLC is out of range of the variable in zenon. (e.g. a byte in zenon, and value "456" in the PLC)

    If you have the possibility to update to a later version, (zenon 6.51 is the current release), you may be able to use the zenon OPC client instead.

    Even better than using an OPC server in between, is making use of one of the several direct Beckhoff drivers that are available in zenon.

    The BeckhoffNG driver supports offline import of the TwinCAT project, and communicates directly to the Beckhoff PLC, without using an OPC server.

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