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    I have tested connect between Zenon with meter MK6E from EDMI and I have some problem.
    The MK6E has meters registers are 32 bits the meter software will utilise 2 ModBus addresses. The Mk6 Genius meter accepts valid ModBus messages with function code 3- Read Holding Register. The register address ranges from 0001 to 9999 which corresponds to 40001 to 49999. Each register address represents a 16 bit word (2 bytes), so to read a float (4 bytes) requires 2 registers.
    When a request is received the meter will translate that register address into an internal EDMI register. Each ModBus register address refers to a 16 bit word (2 bytes). When reading other data types, like floating point numbers that are 32 bits (4 bytes) wide, there is no standard. ModBus is big-endian, MSB transmitted first, but the 32 and 64 bit numbers are undefined. Most ModBus reading programs have a big-endian or little-endian option, although not all do. To cope with this, the meter also has a big-endian / little-endian option.
    I use the neter to make modbus address to register map (Ex: 9071 to 40169). With the meter software I check the register value (see picture meter). With the modbus poll software, I poll the address 9070 get the right value (see picture modbus) (I tried on different time so the value see not match but it is correctly between software and meter).
    I use zenon to connect with meter, but the Modbus driver only polling with address 9071, at the start-up runtime, the value received seem right , but the value do not update ( variable display spontaneous , global time in driver is 1000 ms..). Other register with type "Float" are worked fine.
    Could you give me some suggestion?
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    What offset did you enter at the holding register variable in zenon?


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    The Meter has software to config modbus address to register. I config the modbus address 9071 to register 0169, and the offset in zenon is 9071.
    Other things, maybe the register is 64 bit, not 32 bit , because the type of register is "Double" that in meter manual "Double precision IEEE 64 floating point number."
    So how can I config the variables with 64bit?
    Zenon version : 6.50 SP1.

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    have you tried with offset 169 in zenon? In your last screenshot, register 169 is shown, I assume for holding register 169.

    Also this screenshot shows 32 bit float for your meter "extension".

    In your final screenshot, which value is the correct value for your meter? The value shown at "float" or the value shown at "double" ?

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    I have not tried with offset 169, but I think that internal meter address, and each meter address can map to modbus address.
    I have configed that modbus address(9071) -meter register (0169) with option type 32bit float, but in meter test, the correct value show at "double" (98409724968)


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    OK, thank you.

    What you can do in zenon, is try and use a LREAL instead of a REAL datatype at the variable, and then check if the value changes accordingly.

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    As far as I know the Modbus driver does not support LREAL (64bit double) by now
    -> this will be possible with zenon version 7

    So if this is a 64bit datatype the only solution by now would be splitting up the 64bit float into 4 UINT variables an then merging them with straton.

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    actually, I checked this in the beta of version 7, and not zenon 6.51
    sorry for the confusion

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    I have EDMI Genius meter type MK6N and I want to read the power factor value using modbus scan tool. I need the Meter software you mentioned to configure modbus address to registers

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    Hi ABDO,

    I cannot help you with the meter software as shown in the screenshots. However with zenon you can configure variables quickly and configure the endianness in the driver configuration.

    Best regards,

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