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Thread: Message-Box "VBA Error 1" appears at RT start

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    Default Message-Box "VBA Error 1" appears at RT start

    When I start zenOn Runtime (client, server, or WEB client,…), I always get an errormessage called "VBA Error 1". What does it mean?
    "VBA Error 1" means, that the VBA file used by the zenOn Rutime is currently set to "read only", or exclusively opened by another program.

    Solution: Make sure that the file is not "read-only", or no other program is accessing it. If that doesn´t work either, delete your runtimefiles and create/tranfer them again.

    Another reason for this errormessage can be the too less granted rights by windows user administration (also check if all zenOn processes and services are running with the same user)
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