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Thread: Read and write value of Variable -VB.Net (VSTA)

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    Default Read and write value of Variable -VB.Net (VSTA)

    I need write and read value of variable in the VSTA, when I use VB.Net language. Can somebody write code in VB.Net. Thanks

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    Hi ozi,

    There are several examples here in this forum, mostly in C#, that can be adopted for use in VB.NET.

    Use the search function for "get_value". One example with an online container can be found here:

    online container VB.NET

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    Default Re: Read and write value of Variable -VB.Net (VSTA)

    This VB.NET macro will read the value of the variable with the name "return_numeric" and write it to the output window.

       Public Sub Macro_ReadValue()
            Dim obVar As zenOn.IVariable
            Dim vValue As Integer
            obVar = Me.Variables.Item("return_numeric_1")
            If Not obVar Is Nothing Then
                If obVar.IsOnline() Then
                    'safe to read, variable exists and has a valid value
                    vValue = obVar.get_Value(0)
                Else : System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print("variable has no valid value")
                End If
            Else : System.Diagnostics.Debug.Print("variable does not exist")
            End If
        End Sub

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