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Thread: Limits in VSTA in ZenOn editor

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    Default Limits in VSTA in ZenOn editor

    I want to count all limit of a internal variable with the following code :

    public void MacroChangeVar()
                int Test;
                Test = this.ActiveDocument.Variables().Item("TestVariable").Limits().Count;

    But the return value of the function is Nothing.

    The variable has 3 limits but i can't read these count value.

    Can you give me an example how i can read out this count value.

    Other properties/functions like this.ActiveDocument.Variables().Item("TestVariable").Tagname = "This is a test variable"; work very good.

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    Default Re: Limits in VSTA in ZenOn editor


    you need to use this.ActiveDocument.Variables().Item("TestVariable").EdLimitCount() instead.


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