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Thread: reset of Drag indicator

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    Default reset of Drag indicator

    Is there any way to reset the Drag Indicator (min/max) of Universal slider in Runtime manually?
    Currently It has Auto reset function and will be reset after definite time.
    How it will be reset if I do not activate auto reset function?


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    you can reset the min / max by double-clicking the element

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    Default Re: reset of Drag indicator


    There is another problem in my project regarding color of universal slider in RT. Please find its properties as attached screen shots.

    I expect according its configuration and screen in editor environment, the color of bar be blue but in RT it is red for all values. Also “use limit color” is unchecked.

    Could you please have suggestion for me in this matter?

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Slider property 1.JPG   Slider property 2.JPG   Slider property.GIF  

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    Just judging from the screenshots, I would think they would be blue. I cannot say anything more from just the screenshots.

    If you need someone to have a look into this, I suggest posting a small sample project here, or contact your local support


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