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    i am using dot matrix printer to print alarms online. i need to print variable name and time but it only print identification and time . plz guide me

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    Without a format file, online printing uses the hard-coded defaults. For online printing of alarms, you can use a format file with the name "alarm.frm" to specify which information is printed for each entry, and also define the page layout.

    Assuming you are using zenon 6.5x, you need to insert a "alarm.frm" file into your project, in the "lists and formats" folder of the project tree under "files"

    You can find a default file in the %cd_programdata6510% directory, that you can insert into your project, and modify according to your needs.

    How to edit the format file, which keywords can be used, for example for printing the variable name, and how to use page headers and footers, is explained in the online help for online alarm printing.

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    any configration required inside zenon to make zenon print according to this file format alarm.frm

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    how i can start the online printing ???

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    For online printing you have to enabled the print option at the needed variables.
    Take a look at the attached file.

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