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Thread: Auto Logoff

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    yara Gast

    Default Auto Logoff

    How to make the HMI go back to the first screen (login screen) automatically after a certain time, i mean automatic log out function. i have logine screen as a start screen , and after log in i have main screen, heading screen and bar button screen opening together.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Auto Logoff

    There are several ways to do this.

    Ther is an "automatic function execution" option which allows you to configure a function that is exected after x minutes of inactivity. You can find this option in the project properties.

    Also there is a system driver variable available, that counts the number of seconds of inactivity ( no operation by the user). Using a limit you can react when the value exceeds a certain time period.

    Another option exists with the "automatic logout" functionality, where a user is automatically logged off after a defineable period of inactivity. By monitoring the system driver variable "user identification" with a reaction matrix, you can show the login screen after the automatic logout (when the system driver variable shows either SYSTEM or 0000)

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    yara Gast

    Default Re: Auto Logoff

    thanks for your fast reply.
    i did the third option and its working fine but i have a small problem, when i started the run time the login screen coming on, and after second the main screen comes and then the loggin screen coming again, this only happend when i am runing the project and after that it works fine. ur advice please

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    Default Re: Auto Logoff

    Have a look at what you have setup as the start screen, and what additional screens you show through e.g. the AUTOSTART script or other mechasisms.

    Do you have the login screen in an own frame, with the setting "always on top"?

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    yara Gast

    Default Re: Auto Logoff

    Thank you for ur support, its working fine now.
    Another quastion,
    Filter on Alarm page and CEL page on zenon CE supported or not?

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    Default Re: Auto Logoff

    The filter for the Alarm and the CEL screens can also be applied on Windows CE.

    If you set the option "Windows CE project", not all filter settings are available, however when you disable the option, most filters that can be configured also work on Windows CE. Please also see the settings for AML and CEL storage in the project properties, where historical alarms and historical events can be activated for Windows CE.

    Please note however, that the filter dialog for the AML and CEL screen is not designed for small screen resolutions. On a CE panel with 800x600 or smaller, parts of the dialog may be cut off.

    Instead, you can use the time filter screen type, and the AML and CEL filter screen types, to build your own user-defined filter dialog.

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    yara Gast

    Default Re: Auto Logoff

    So i can show the alarms or events for the previous day or week for example?

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    Default Re: Auto Logoff

    yes you can view the alarms for the past day, or past week also on Windows CE.

    However you will have to set the option for alarm storage in the project properties accordingly.

    By default on Windows CE, only the ringbuffer is active, and alarms are not written. You can however activate the historical alarms.

    Please note, that if storage on your CE device is limited, you need to implement a function to delete alarm files e.g. older than 1 month, or when the disk space is running low. Deleting the *.aml files can be done with the "file operation" function. There is a system driver variable that shows the amount of free disk space in kilobytes.

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    yara Gast

    Default Re: Auto Logoff

    Thanks for reply...
    i have one more quastion
    Can i use the automatic function with condition, means if the variable = 1 then excute the function after time.
    Thanks in advance .

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    Default Re: Auto Logoff

    No, you cannot link a condition for the automatic function execution without operation. Either it is active in the project properties or it is not.

    However there are other ways of doing this. Use the system driver variable for the amount of seconds without operation. Then use your condition variable, and combine them both in a mathematics driver variable. The result of a boolean mathematics variable is either TRUE or FALSE. The formula could be X01.Value > 600 AND X02 (more than 10 minutes without operation, AND the condition to execute without operation is TRUE

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