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Thread: Many questions about IEC 60870-104

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    Default Many questions about IEC 60870-104

    Hi there.
    I need some informations about IEC 60870-104 protocol.
    1. In order information I see that driver is SLAVE(IEC 60870 Slave ZGW-IEC60870SL), but I need the MASTER. Is there a MASTER IEC60870?
    2. We use substitute of circuit breaker, disconnector and I want know is it possible the substitute with other drivers(MODBUS, DNP3 etc.)?

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    Default Re: Many questions about IEC 60870-104

    1. in zenon you can have both: the iec870 driver - article number ZT-IEC870 - is an IEC 60870-101/104 Master.
    And the Process Gateway - you are mentioning - is a Slave.

    2. The prossibility to turn the visualization to use alternative values for given data points, e.g. while there is no online communication with an end device - is a general feature in zenon, working with any driver.

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