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Thread: facePlate configuration

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    Default facePlate configuration

    Am planning Circuitbreaker faceplate, So i created one faceplate. But i have 25 circuit brekaers. How can i link the faceplate with other breaker. Is 25 faceplate needed seperately?

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    Default Re: facePlate configuration

    Please have a look at the online help.

    Symbols allow you to group elements, and put them into the library, for easy re-use. You can drag multiple symbols into a screen, and replace the variables linked at the symbol with other variables.

    Changes made to linked symbols in the library are automatically taken over at all existing symbols. For symbols in the library, you can exclude certain properties of elements, which can be changed at each symbol instance.

    Another thing that may be helpful, is indirect screen addressing. You can create a screen switch function to the one screen you have created, with the standard set of variables you originally linked. And you can create a second screen switch function to replace the variables in the screen for example with another circuit breaker instance. (Replace CB1* with CB2). This way you have one screen that can be opened with different variables.

    There are many things more to discover. zenon is pretty straight forward and easy to use, however if you want a jump start, I do recommend attending a basic training, or at least looking at the tutorials in the online help or at the information on our website.

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    Default license


    we received a dongle key from zenon (code meter). we can see the serial number in the code meter tool and another number on the dongle. But we are not able to activate the license. How do we proceed to activate the license?


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    Default Re: facePlate configuration


    Please try and avoid double postings in the forum. I have answered to your other posting regarding the licensing question.


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