I can not find where I can set the time of the calculation for the following archive
the "scan rate" of the following condensed archives can not be configured directly, but is configured indirectly through the "save archive" option of the basic archives.

Each time the basic archive is saved (closed) an average value over this period goes into the following condensed archive. The save rate for the first following archive should then be a multiple of one hour, if the basic archive is saved (closed) every hour.

You could e.g. save your basic archive every hour (average value into following archive) and save the first following archive, every day (after 24 hours). This way, the first following archive contains 24 average values. You could create another following archive, which receives a value from the previous following archive every 24 h, which saves (closes) every month, thus containing 31 average values of each day. And another following archive which saves every year, and ... , .... and so on.