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Thread: access to variable adress in Runtime

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    anahita Gast

    Default Re: access to variable adress in Runtime

    i wanna make a facility for runtime users be able to change the address of variable "IEC870_IOA1"

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    Default Re: access to variable adress in Runtime

    Could you please explain a bit more in detail, why runtime users would need to change the IOA of a variable in the runtime?

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    anahita Gast

    Default Re: access to variable adress in Runtime

    you know we set the "IEC870_IOA1"in editor just one time, when the project run time released, there is no access to get this value with key board (i wished with vba i would create this facility).
    because of many reason such as changing policies to connect to RTU is necessary the operator be able to change this address instantly and doesnt waste time for coming of editor developer to change the address in editor.
    some performance of the project depend on this facility
    plz give me a way

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    Default Re: access to variable adress in Runtime

    I'm sorry, but as far as I know it is currently is not possible to change the IOA addressing in the runtime.

    Also, I don't see this changing anytime soon either. I would have security and safety concerns if an operator would in a simple way be able to change the IOA for a e.g. single command in the runtime.

    Another operator believing to have operated the circuit braker may then have operated something totally different, that could be a potential hazard!

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    anahita Gast

    Default Re: access to variable adress in Runtime

    but its operator responsibility, it would improve reliability for zenon
    now an other question!
    imagine i have both runtime and editor zenon,how can i execute macro that i wrote in editor in runtime macro?
    what is the path of the editor macros in system ?

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    Default Re: access to variable adress in Runtime

    The macros you have created in the zenon editor, cannot be started externally. Only from within the editor these can be triggered.

    There are startup events for the zenon editor, that you can use to execute a macro when the editor is started. For example the splash screen that is shown is made this way. Perhaps this is something that is helpful to you?

    Why do you want to execute a macro in the zenon editor, triggered from the zenon runtime?

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