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Thread: Problem with upgrading the Web-server

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    nurul Gast

    Default Problem with upgrading the Web-server


    I'm upgrading the web-server version from 6.50 to 6.51.

    1- At first we just installing the Web-server version without deleting the previous version. Then we change the zenOn version in the global_vars.js setting and after that Start the Web-server. When we start RT from Web-client, there's an error message shows that they couldn't find the file.

    2- Then we tried to uninstall the web-server and re-install the program back. But we found out in the folder :\C\Program Files\Copa-Data\zenOn WEB Server,that there's no zenOn folder which consists of global_vars.js and etc.

    We try to install the web-server in other machine. The folder is there! I do not know what when wrong. Do you have any clue?

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    nurul Gast

    Default Re: Problem with upgrading the Web-server

    Hi Guys,

    I solve it. Thanks for the support

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    Default Re: Problem with upgrading the Web-server

    For your first issue with the error regarding "alc.cmp" it may be of help to empty your %temp% directory to force the local webclient to get all the files from the server.

    For your second issue, on 64 bit systems, the folder for the webserver is "C:\Program Files (x86)" instead of "program files".

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