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Thread: "Start Driver" function for SNMP doesn't work in 6.51

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    Default "Start Driver" function for SNMP doesn't work in 6.51


    Recently we made an update from 6.22 SP1 Build1 to 6.51 SP0 Build1. We discouver that the "Start Driver (online mode)" function for SNMP driver doesn't work in this new version.

    - the "Start Driver" function for SNMP works well in 6.22 ;
    - the "Stop Driver (offline mode)" function works well in 6.22 and 6.51 ; (as consequence, we can successfully stop the SNMP driver but never restart it.. the only solution is a restart of the whole Run-Time project).
    - the "Start Driver" function for other drivers (such as OPC, 61850 etc.) works well in 6.22 and 6.51.

    So, I suppose this is a bug of the version 6.51?

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    Default Re: "Start Driver" function for SNMP doesn't work in 6.51

    the SNMP driver was enhanced after the release of zenon 6.51 and in the course of this enhancement also some issues have been addressed.

    I would suggest to contact your local COPA-DATA support, and try with the latest build 4 for zenon 6.51, to see if this solves your issue.

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