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Thread: UTC datetime from IPA

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    Default UTC datetime from IPA

    Does IPA table store datetime in UTC format?
    Is there any way to get UTC datetime from "TIMERECEIVED" and "TIMECLEARED" from IPA table?

    Thank you

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    I guess you already found that the IPA table stores the time for alarm received and alarm cleared, not in UTC but in the local time zone time, hence your second question.

    May I ask why you want to access the data in table directly, and not through the IPA module in the runtime?

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    Default Re: UTC datetime from IPA

    Some archives store data spontaneously (position and moment) from valves.
    For each valves there is four digital status (FullyClose, FullyOpen, Opening, Closing), stored in IPA.
    Using VBA I show in a grid just events that had a fully movement (from FullyClose to FullyOpen with Opening in the middle and viceversa).
    User, selecting from the grid and some button, can decide to invalid, for any reason, an events or highlight an event like "standard" events using this one to compare all the other. To do this I write a code in "Comment" fields of IPA table.
    Finally user can decide to watch selected trend or selected trend and "standard" one, opening and Extended trend page.
    To show the trend I use the two time field as mentioned using System2Zenon function for conversion.
    The problem is that mentioned function analize daylightsaving status in the moment i select, if for example I select today an event of 10-03-2011 I browse archive with one hour of difference.
    To complicate matters, this application is serial and can be replicated in every country.
    There any way to write a similar function that analize daylightsavings of the datetime passed like argument?

    To answer your originally question, I'm using IPA not for copadata native intention, but because is the best way I found to store events, modifie record, and filter it with more flexibility. All this is not possible with alarm or CEL.

    I hope to be clear enough.
    Otherwise let me know.
    I have a plan B, but would further complicate things.

    Thank for interest

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