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    Hi Support,

    Can you explain the term 'HD Depth' that is shown when we configure the Extended Trends Picture for the very first time? What exactly is the meaning of the Numerical figure that is shown as HD Depth?


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    can you attach a screenshot, to see which parameter you are exactly talking about?

    With variables a harddisk storage can be set, which is a kind of ringbuffer, and the HD depth means the amount of values to be stored. E.g. a depth of 10 means that the 11th value removes the very first from the ringbuffer, it also means that for the dynamic element trend or the ETM a curve can be drawn on the basis of 10 values.

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    Thanks Wolfgang, I have got a clue about what does it mean after reading your explanation.


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    the suggested HD depth at the screen switch function to the extended trend is a combination between the time period of the x-axis of the trend, and the refresh rate of the trend.

    e.g. when setting a time period of 5 minutes, and a refresh rate of 1 second, the suggested HD depth is 300 values (1 value per second for 5 minutes).

    When acknowledged, the HD depth will then be taken over at the variable properties (hard disk data storage settings) itself.

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