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Thread: Close Runtime on panel.

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    takarlsson Gast

    Default Close Runtime on panel.

    We have the three CE devices as a server for each one of the projects, and the XP PC as a client of all three projects.
    When we from the pc connect to one panel we get that Runtime is inactiv but there is a Zenon window running.

    *** Getting system status of remote computer
    Computer name: 'SESMAE009'
    Platform Microsoft® Windows® CE Version 6.0
    Runtime: inactive
    Runtime start project: 'SESMAE009' Runtime folder: '\Hard Disk\storage card\data\SESMAE'
    Real memory 179852KB free
    Drive \Hard Disk\Zenon\: 1888MBs free
    Remote serial number: xxxx.9201000.8.-128.0
    Remote activation number:
    Remote Version: 6.22.1....... Compatibility: 'GUARANTEED'

    When we try to close the runtime we get

    *** Runtime is not active!

    If we press Start Runtime we get two runtime running on the panel.

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    Default Re: Close Runtime on panel.

    The reason is most likely the name of the folder where your zenon runtime is located on the CE Device (\hard disk\zenon) and the fact that on the CE device there is a Explorer window open for this directory.

    The remote transport looks for a window with the title "zenon", and finds the explorer that shows the contents of this directory (which happens to have the title "zenon" in this case)

    What you can do, is close the zenon runtime, close the transport service, rename the directory "zenon" to e.g. "zenon_rt", start the transport service, and perform an "update CE runtime" from the development PC with zenon CE installed, to update the path (or manually change the "EXE=" path in the zenon6.ini file on the CE device, after renaming the directory.

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