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Thread: Accessing structure of complex variable in RUNTIME

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    Default Accessing structure of complex variable in RUNTIME

    Good morning,
    I'm dealing with the following problem: I'm trying to reset (set to zero) all the fileds of a structured variable (array o complex variable) regerdless its structure.

    Since the structure of my complex variable may change from a project to another one, I want to use a VSTA (or VBA) macro to reset all the variable structure without have to know the structure itself.

    I'm looking for a procedure like thes (I'm kown this is wrong but I'm seraching something like this):
                IVariable zv = this.Project.Variables().Item("myArrayVariable");
                bool ia = zv.IsArray;
                if (ia)
                    int asz = zv.ArraySize;
                    for (int i = 0; i < asz; i++)
                        zv.SubItem(i).set_Value(0, (int)0);
                IVariable zvc = this.Project.Variables().Item("myComplexVariable");
                Type t = zvc.GetType();
                IVarType vt = this.Project.VarTypes().Item(t.Name);
                int sc = vt.SubItemCount();
                for (int j = 0; j < sc; j++)
                    zvc.SubItem(j).set_Value(0, (int)0);

    Is there a chanche to do it?

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    Default Re: Accessing structure of complex variable in RUNTIME

    Why not simply use a standard recipe or a recipe from the recipe group manager, to write all your variables to "0"?

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