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Thread: should i be a programer to learn ZENON software

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    khan Gast

    Default should i be a programer to learn ZENON software


    I am new to zenon and in automation field , mostly i am expert in filed of networking and communication , recently i have joined automatio field .

    Please can any one guide me will i have to learn programming languages for zenon .......... my company may soon arrange training for want to learn about it that either its a GUI software or will need programming skills and with which ratio. as i have zero experties in programming. and as network engineer will it a good choice for me to join this field.

    Please waiting for you early response.

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    Default Re: should i be a programer to learn ZENON software


    the zenon engineering environment is GUI based and very easy to learn, and can be operated by mouse and keyboard.

    You don't need any programming skills to make your first zenon project. Also in the background your GUI actions are not translated into code, that you need to compile or need to adjust.

    To give you an example to show e.g. an event list or alarm list in the project:

    in the GUI

    - create a screen of the event list type, insert the default elements
    - create a function to call this screen
    - draw a button in a screen and link the function
    -> in the runtime click the button and view the event list

    zenon however also does offer a programming interface, both during engineering and during the runtime. You can program in VBA, C# or VB.NET, for example to automatically make projects, or execute something special in the runtime.

    For example the few steps described above to add an event list to the project in the GUI, can also be executed via the programming interface in the editor. In this case you would write the code to create the screen, the function, the button and link the function, and everything will be created on executing the code.

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