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Thread: Function WriteCelStringEx()

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    Default Function WriteCelStringEx()

    What happens with function WriteCelStringEx()?
    This function have 5 parameters:
    void ICel.WriteCelStringEx(string strCelString, string szPvName, int iGroup, int iClass, object Value, int Status)
    After performance of this function in a window Cel Screen parameters szPvName, Value isn't displayed.
    I tried this function in VBA and VSTA. The result was identical.
    Iím using version 6.50 build 5 and 6.51 build 3 now.
    This function worked well in earlier versions.

    Public Sub Test_Event_String()
      Call thisProject.Cel.WriteCelStringEx("Command", "My variable", 0, 4, 1, 0)
    End Sub
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    Default Re: Function WriteCelStringEx()


    I tried it now with 6.51 Build 3 and it works:

    Public Sub writecel()
    Call thisProject.Cel.WriteCelStringEx("Test", "ivar", 0, 4, 1, 0)
    End Sub

    CEL Output:
    Click image for larger version

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    Default Re: Function WriteCelStringEx()

    You need to take care that the variable is ready for reading its value (variable needs to be advised at the driver and must have a valid value)

    You can check this with the variable method .IsOnline
    thisProject.Variables.Item("My variable").IsOnline

    Also this link will be informativ for you:


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    Default Re: Function WriteCelStringEx()

    herberto, thank you. It's realy help me.

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