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    Hi Support,

    I have a Project on Zenon Energy Edition 6.22. When I put the runtime files in another pc and install the Zenon Runtime and try to run this project by specifying its correct path, I receive an error saying 'Error in loading IEC850 Module' (Screenshot attached). Process Variables are 61850 variables and they are set in simulation mode.
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    Perhaps XML Lite is missing on this PC? The IEC850 driver requires XML Lite to be installed.

    This can happen on Windows XP, when only Internet Explorer 6 is installed. Updating to Internet Explorer 7 also installs XML Lite. Alternatively you can download and install XML Lite from Microsoft seperately.

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    It definitely was XML Lite, I just figured it out early in the morning
    I am impressed how you exactly reached the right solution, good work Mark!

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