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    acko01 Gast

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    I have a configuration Picture in my Zenon Application where the user has to enter Stings like file paths and machine names. Is there a way now in Zenon 6.51 to not have to end an input with the enter key? Windows users are used to just click into the next field and not to hit enter after an string input. It can be a real pain to have to enter text again, because not hitting enter after the input. And having to use ActiveX Textboxes just to get around this problem is really not appropiate!

    Best regards
    Dermot Ackermann

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    you could open a SETSTRINGKBD screen at the mouse position with an input element only, and set this to be a modal screen. The user cannot close the screen without confirming or cancelling the value input.

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    acko01 Gast

    Default Re: String Input

    Well, thanks for the suggestion.
    I also have some inputs like serial numbers coming from a barcode reader.
    I had this problem already in Zenon 6.21. I hoped in 6.51 had improved in this point.
    My problem is, that I have to explain the annoyed enduser that it is not my poor application development, but the limitation of the product Zenon. Or I have to use an activex Textbox on every text input, which also does not work really satisfying. Or I have to develop an DotNetControl for a textinput. But I mean, a text input should really be something to not have to think about in an HMI package.. Not every input is a setpoint..

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    zenon is a HMI / SCADA System. A value change must be confirmed, because the value in most cases is send to the plc and has an impact for the process. That is a security based system attitude of zenon. So the user must be sure that the inserted value is right. If there is no enter after value change the risk is high that the user clicks accidently out of the keyboard and a wrong value is send to the PLC.

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    acko01 Gast

    Default Re: String Input

    Ok, then I have to use activex text fields to solve my problem.
    I have a picture where 25 serial numbers have to be scanned with a barcode scanner. I would like to solve it in the way that the user has to click in the first text input field, then scan the first barcode, then hit tab, scan the next barcode, hit tab and so on..
    Is it possible to use the tab key to jump to the next input in a Zenon picture? Or can I capture the key event and set the focus of the next input in a script?
    Do you have a suggestion on activex textboxes? I now use MS forms 2.0 textbox which is ok, but could be better..

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    Please have a look at the sample project (zenon 6.51) attached to this post.

    In the screen for scanning the serial numbers there are 25 text elements.

    On selecting the first element, the input field is shown, where you can scan your barcode.

    On selecting "TAB" the input is accepted and the input for the next element is shown.

    All done without a single line of code and no ActiveX elements


    To prevent accidental selection of another element, select the option "modal dialog" for the screen "mStrKbd"

    Click image for larger version

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    acko01 Gast

    Default Re: String Input

    Thank you very much for the example.
    I tested it and the tabbing works good, but I still have a problem.
    The user has to go into the next step by hitting a save button. So if he did not accept the last input with enter, the input is not saved. This can happen very quickly, because Windows users are used to this. So, I can not use this approach. Or do you have a solution for this problem?

    I am using Zenon because I need Part 11 compliance. Some application do not even have hardware IO.

    Best regards
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    Default Re: String Input

    I'm not sure if I understand what you mean.

    Have you tried setting the option "modaler Dialog" at the properties of the screen "mStrKbd"?

    When this option is active, the user must first acknowledge the value (close the keyboard) or cancel the value with "Esc", before "speichern" can be selected.

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    acko01 Gast

    Default Re: String Input

    Ah ok, I missed the modal setting. This looks good!

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    Default Re: String Input

    I'm happy to hear that

    let me know if you have any further issues

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