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Thread: language for ZenonCERT

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    yara Gast

    Default language for ZenonCERT

    I have ZenonCERT runing on widows CE devise, the problem that in CEL pic for example showing the description on germany langauge and i wont to change it to show in english.
    Means that i have germany language at run time and i wont to change it to english language.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: language for ZenonCERT

    It seems you have received a CE terminal where the zenon CE runtime was installed with the German language.

    To use English instead, you need the reenglice.dll file on your device (in addition to the rgermace.dll for German). Not always are all languages installed.

    When you do have this file on your device, you can open the file "zenon6.ini" on the device with a text editor, and at the setting "LANGUAGE=" change from GERMAN to ENGLISH.

    If you don't have this file, you need the zenon CE installation CD for your respective zenon Version and Servicepack, to install the zenon CE runtime files on your PC, in order to be able to install it in English on your CE terminal

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    yara Gast

    Default Re: language for ZenonCERT

    Thank you i will try it.

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