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    murphys Gast

    Frage Process Gateway

    Dumb question, Is the ZenonProcessGateway tool bi-directional.
    We are using it to export data from zenOn tags, can it be used as a poratol to import data from another systems tags??

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    Default Re: Process Gateway

    The Process Gateway serves as an interface to superposed systems. Numerous interfaces / protocols are available for unidirectional as well as bidirectional data exchange.

    OPC DA Server: Bidirectional communication to OPC DA clients.
    OPC UA Server: Bidirectional communication to OPC UA clients.
    Modbus Slave: Bidirectional communication with Modbus master.
    DEC Slave: Bidirectional communication with H&S-DEC systems via TCP/IP.
    SNMP Server: The SNMP Server allows for the integration of the control system into the Network Management Systems (NMS).
    DNP3 Slave: Bidirectional communication with DNP3 masters.
    SQL Online: Unidirectional communication with any SQL database.
    IEC 60870 Slave: Bidirectional communication with IEC 60870 masters.

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    murphys Gast

    Default Re: Process Gateway

    Thanks Wolfgamg,
    Probably didn't explain circumstances very well.
    The zenOn PC is NOT connected to a network, and probably wont ever be connected.
    The only way we have of getting data from it is via the zenOn process gateway, using a serial to ethernet device.
    Thus the question regarding the bi-directional (orn not) capability of process gateway.

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    am I correct you want to communicate to a different station (e.g. another PC) via serial?

    if this is the only requirement, the next question would be to choose a communication protocol. Therefore I would suggest to use Modbus, because this is one of the easiest protocol and there are a lot of implementations.

    Now there are 2 possibilities in zenon (depending on the second part).

    1. Using the zenon Modbus driver: in this case zenon will be the Modbus master, on the other PC a Modbus client has to be run

    2. if the second PC should be the Master, in zenon the Process gateway has to be used
    (vice versa to point 1)

    Both solutions can be used bi-directional

    If I did not get the question correctly, please correct me.

    Best regards

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    murphys Gast

    Default Re: Process Gateway

    Thanks Bernhard,
    Modbus would probably be perfect.
    I have found some reference to it in the STRATON help files, but unfortunately, I can't find the modbus tool/menu anywhere,
    I would need to set up a varaible to contain the value, BOOL or Digital, and use a MODBUS address to populate it.
    I have very limited experience with zenon, but it seems to me that the modbus has not been installed with the original package.Where might I look for it??
    Also,we are using version 6.20

    Many Thanks

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