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Thread: Accessing/Modifying Zenon-Listbox form VSTA

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    i need do add Vaules to a Zenon Listbox and read the selected Elements form VSTA.
    I have tryed the same way like in VBA but it doesn't work.

    ListBox MyListBox = new ListBox();
    MyListBox = (ListBox)this.DynPictures().Item("Windowname").Elements().Item("ListBoxName").AktiveX();
                MyListBox.Items.Add("Tru Tra Tralla");

    Well i hope someone can help me.

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    Default AW: Accessing/Modifying Zenon-Listbox form VSTA


    editing the zenon Combo/Listbox via VBA/VSTA works only in the zenon Editor.

    Here is a short example how to change the value & text of a listbox entry:
    The example assumes you have a screen with the name "Start" in your project. The screen contains a listbox element with the name "Listbox" which contains some entries.

    zenOn.IDynPictures zpics;
    zenOn.IDynPicture zpic;
    zenOn.IElements zeles;
    zenOn.IElement zele;
    zpics = this.ActiveDocument.DynPictures(); //get all screens
    zpic = zpics.Item("Start"); //get the actual screen, Start ... name of the screen
    zeles = zpic.Elements(); //get all elements in the Start screen
    zele = zeles.Item("Listbox");   //get the listbox, Listbox ... name of the element listbox
    zele.set_DynProperties("States[0].Value", 10); //set the value 10 for the first listbox element
    zele.set_DynProperties("States[0].Text", "New text"); //set the text "New text" for the first element

    To get the several DynProperties you can take a look on the XML export of the Screen:

    Here you can see the States node (first entry in the listbox) from the XML Export
    Click image for larger version

Name:	DynProperties.PNG
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