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Thread: How to transfer a Zenon license?

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    willetin Gast

    Default How to transfer a Zenon license?

    Hi, I want to transfer my license from one system to another because of OS change from XP embedded to regular XP, what steps should I take?

    Regards, Tiny.

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    When you have a dongle license, it is not a problem, the license is stored in the dongle, and can be transferred with the dongle.

    When you have a soft license, you will need to contact your local COPA-DATA sales representative, or alternatively contact COPA-DATA international sales

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    willetin Gast

    Default Re: How to transfer a Zenon license?

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your quick reply. The license is bought by one of our machine suppliers and we're the end user. Does that cause any problems when asking for a new activation code? (The supplier isn't very keen on arranging this for us ).

    Also we prefer to use dongles instead of soft licenses which are now being delivered to us. Is it possible to switch to a dongle without buying a completely new license?

    Regards, Tiny.

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    Default Re: How to transfer a Zenon license?

    Hi Tiny,

    Also as an end user you are entitled to request a new activation number. The best thing to do really, is get in touch with the COPA-DATA sales guys and discuss your options.

    Feel free however to visit the forum again when you have any further questions or to post to this thread if you need any help.


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