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Thread: Communication problem with DNP3 device

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    Default Communication problem with DNP3 device


    I have some problems in communication with a RS485 serial dnp3 device. Some times disconnection happens in communication between zenon and device for few seconds. These interruptions are not periodic and usually their duration times are close together.

    In this situation, due to Rx/Tx LED of serial device server are off and its software indicates no transmission data, there is no Send/Receive message between both sides. In addition all variation data and executed commands will be send after expiring timeout in both direction.

    I could not find out its reason, the device not response or zenon not request in this duration?

    Also I provide two log files, device profile documentation as attachments and device current communication setting as below:

    Linklayer Confirmation Timeout: 0ms
    Linklayer retry Count: 1
    Appl.layer Confirmation Timeout: 5000ms
    Appl.layer Confirmation mode: event only
    Unsolicited resp. mode: disable

    1- Could you please help me in this case?
    2- What does mean the below message in “Trace message” column of DiagViewer?
    **** zenOnDNP3Master5 Duplicate request removed from message queue ****~

    Thanks in advance
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DNP3DeviceProfileDocument.pdf  
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