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Thread: Zenon6.5 to siprotec

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    arash Gast

    Default Zenon6.5 to siprotec

    Hi every body
    Can someone give me some examples and practical documents about communication between a siprotec device and zenon6.5 through IEC61850 .
    This is several days I am working on this project and I am still confused
    PLEASE help me

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    Salzburg, AT

    Default Re: Zenon6.5 to siprotec

    you've posted this question in the wrong thread on this forum, it is an Energy question or ev. Data Acquisition, but for sure not General Support request.

    And you are not giving enough information to let help you:

    - which our IEC61850 driver do you want to use? We have a client in zenon and a client and a server in straton.
    - zenon version?
    - what exactly is confusing for you? Have you seen - the IEC61850 Standard and the driver documentation contains many pages and I don't dare to copy and paste all of this information here

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    arash Gast

    Default Re: Zenon6.5 to siprotec

    Sorry for my fault I am quite new here
    I actually coult solve my problem.
    And now
    What I'm looking for is some simple and practical full projects. I just started it and I am'not a profecional in working with zenon. What do u recomend to me? How can I promote my skills in using zenon and designing with zenon?

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    with the DVD there are demo projects shipped and installed by default. This are a very good ressource to dive in and find out what is possible an how this is being realised.

    The online Help ( F1 ) will also give you answers.

    To browse the online forum to certain topics is a wonderfull occasion. Here is already a lot of very interesting stuff from users around the globe.

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