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Thread: Server & Client monitor configuration

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    Default Server & Client monitor configuration

    I want to work with the following configuration:
    • Server 1& 2 each of them with one monitor (same resolution)
    • Client with two monitors (different resolution from servers)

    1. Is it possible that the server pc has number of monitors less than client pc, same as my application?
    2. if answer is yes, could I order server pc with VGA card with one output?

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    Default Re: Server & Client monitor configuration

    For more information, please also have a look at the online help for the monitor administration.

    Generally it is not an issue to use one monitor on one PC (server or client) and two monitors on another PC.

    In the monitor administration it is possible to create monitor configurations. One configuration is available by default, called "standard" and contains one monitor. You can create any number of profiles, each with a different monitor setup, and define in the zenon6.ini for each PC which monitor profile should be used.

    With different screen resolutions it is still possible. The screen would be scaled automatically when you set the appropriate option in the monitor configuration. (adapt to screen resolution)

    Scaling however does affect display of graphic files in "original size", and scaling may also appear differrent, when e.g. the project has a screen size that is "4:3" ratio and the server is e.g. 16:10 and the client has a 16:9 screen resolution ratio.

    The screen size of the project is set initially to the resoltuion of the PC with the editor where the project was created but can easily be changed when no frames (templates) and screens (pictures) have been created.

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