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    i want to share variables between 2 projects and use attributions, functions, recipes, archives with shared variables in each sub project
    I created 1 main project with 2 sub projects.
    what is the global number of variables ? variables sub project 1 + variables sub project 2 ? I don't have variables in main project.
    Main project is "network inactive", sub projects are "network active"
    i have to run on each host the main project, right ? Main project just consists of attributions, it serves to start sub project on hosts. my sub project have severals synoptics, i lose those synoptics when a start main project on the first host, the second host is empty, there is no synoptic, i have a white screen...
    Could you help me ?

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    Yes, the total number of variables is the sum of all variables in all projects that are started. All sub-projects are automatically started with the project above. If you are worried about exceeding your licensed tags, you will get a message on starting the runtime when variables from hardware drivers in all projects together exceed the maximum number of licensed tags. If you don't have this message, you do not have this issue.

    The white screen can be caused by different things.

    Most likely in this case is the use of an incorrect startup script. The AUTOSTART script for the sub-project is not executed, when the project is a sub-project running as a server. In this case, you should use the AUTOSTART_SRVPROJ script, to call your start screen for each of the sub-projects.

    Another reason could be the start screen of the integration project. If you have a screen in your integration project, that uses a frame with a name that also exists with this name in one of the sub-projects, this could also lead to an incorrect display of the screen. You can rename the frame in the integration project to a unique name (e.g. I_prj_frrame_0) to overcome possible issues.

    Common in an integration project is an operation screen that allows you to switch the start screen of sub project 1 and sub project 2. For this you can create a small frame, that has the option "always on top" activated. This frame would then hold the start screen for the integration project, and contain two buttons to call the start screen for sub-project 1 and the start screen for sub-project 2.

    This way you can view on the PC for sub-project 1 also the screens for sub-project 2

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