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    I am strongly attracted by a subject of this discussing group: “Object oriented engineering”. Could you give me a help document in which a comprehensive explanation can be given about the “Object oriented engineering” under zenOn? I mean, a document represents all the technical possibilities by using which we can develop our projects as “Object oriented engineering” under zenOn?

    After two years of development under zenOn Editor, we now feel more and more strongly the necessary of an arrangement of our project in this direction..

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    In the online help you can find a chapter "Project efficiently with the help of zenon" where object oriented engineering is also a topic. Make sure you have the latest zenon version (6.51 SP0 at the time of this writing) that includes the most recent information in the online help.

    You may also find the series "Efficient enginnering with zenon" in our magazine "information unlimited" helpful.

    Part 3 of this series in the latest edition - 19 "standards vs. dreams" of Information Unlimited, covers efficient symbol handling, and how this fits in into object oriented engineering.

    Make sure you also checkout previous editions of Information Unlimited for part 1 and 2 of this series.

    If you don't receive "Information Unlimited" you can also download PDF files of the magazine from our homepage.

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    Thank you very much, Mark, for your information.

    I have downloaded all magazine releases in your site (from Number 12 to Number 18). I found the topic "Series Efficient engineering. Part 2: Object-oriented parameterization" in the Number 17. But I can't find the Part 1.. It is included in which number of release?

    And how can I find the number 19 as you mentioned? The 19 is not published at your site yet.

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    part 1 is in Number 15, on pages 20-23

    Best regards
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    the latest issue of Information Unlimited (No. 19) is now also available on the COPA-DATA website for download. You find the article you were looking for on the pages 58-63 (PDF page count: 29-31): Part 3: Efficient symbol handling.

    Best regards

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