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Thread: Automatic import of report data into Excel

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    jegloco Gast

    Rotes Gesicht Automatic import of report data into Excel

    Dear Support Team,

    We are looking for a method to import *.txt file from zenOn reports (exported report data) to be automatically populated into an Excel template with proper column arrangement without setting any parameters manually in Excel.

    There should be an Excel template created for this to allow for the user to just click export and see the data presented as a graph in the excel document.

    Please advice us for the solution. Hope to read from you soon as this issue is very urgent.

    Should you have any questions on the above please let me know.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Unfortunatley this is not possible due to different formating information in the Excel and zenon. The report more or less is looking like Excel but in fact it is very different in the data format.

    The only way to handle a smooth import to Excel would be to export the raw data from zenon, and import this raw data to an already formated excel sheet e.g. via an VBA macro within Excel for example.

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