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Thread: Backup project

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    kizicsanjin Gast

    Pfeil Backup project

    HYI !

    First I want to thanks moderators on their support.

    And now off course question. I have two PC on which I need to place same project. On one PC I developed project and on same one I did project backup.

    With that .zip file using backup load on second PC I tried to load project but error appears concerning GUID missing.

    My question is, whats necessary to do so that I can load project from one PC to another ?!

    I am using:
    same project root on both PC,
    same version of Editor and RT.


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    Default Re: Backup project

    You don't necessarily need to restore the backup in the editor in order to run the project in the runtime.

    The editor has a feature called "remote transport" that can be used to transport runtime files from an editor PC, to another PC where either the runtime or editor and runtime are installed.

    After transporting the runtime files (please keep the setting "rt changeable data" in the project properties in mind) you can set the remote start project, and start the runtime remotely.

    If you have a server/client or server/standby server configuration, where the PC with the project in the editor is the server, you can edit the file "zenon6.ini" and at the entry "VBF30=" remove everything in this line behind the "=". When you then start the runtime, you can set the checkbox to load the project from the server (runtime must be running on the server)

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