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    yara Gast

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    I have login picture with user name and password and i use it for access to control panel picture with open and close command(standard picture). I configured the button (OK) on the login picture with function ( pichure swith ) and parameter (control panel picture).
    When i am entering the currect user name and password the control picture oppining normal but it also oppening with wrong user name and password after closing the window which telling about wrong user name and password.
    I need a way that if the user name or password is wrong control panel picture can not be open.

    Thanks in advance
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    did you assign a user level to your user and did you define a user level on the button opening the control panel picture?


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    yara Gast

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    Thanks for fast reply.

    yes i assigned authorization groups from 1 to 12 for user and for the button i used one of them.
    i cant find user level?

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    yara Gast

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    with the button i am using function picture swicth with parameter control panel picture is this right way ? with wrong password giving window with invalid password and after pressing ok on this window oppening the control panel widow which is should not open.

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    The problem is that you linked the "screen switch" function to the "OK" button in the login screen.

    The "OK" button has a screen specific function "login", and also the screen switch function linked. You cannot set an authorization level at this button, otherwise you would not be able to login.

    There are many ways to prevent access to a screen. One way is by setting an authorization level on the button that calls the screen switch function. If the user that is logged in does not have the appropriate level, the button cannot be executed.

    You can also hide the button when the user is not logged in (in addition or alternative to the authorization level). Or you can set an interlocking for the button, again based on the user that is currently logged in.

    You can also use "temporary login", where you don't permanently login a user, but only provide credentials for the next action. Temporary login is active by default. You place a button to call the control panel in a screen, set an authorization level for this button, and in the runtime click the button. If the user that is logged in has the authorization level, the control panel is opened.

    When the user does not have the authorization level, a temporary login dialog will be shown. If the credentials for a user are entered that has the correct authorization level, the function is executed, but the user itself is not logged in. If no correct credentials are provided, the function cannot be executed.

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    yara Gast

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I have a start (login picture) which i use user name (admin) and password (123456) for login to my project main picture. On he main picture i have breaker symbol with picture switch function which opening a second login picture which i wont to use same user name and same password to login to the control panel picture. In this case i think that i cant use the authorization level because i wont to login on the start picture and i wont to login to control panel picture with the same user name and password. Can you help please ?

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    This is a somewhat unusual way to implement, but it is possible.

    you could use temporary login on your start picture, which could be a standard screen, with a button "enter project". The button has an authorization level. When the user clicks the button, the temporary login dialog appears. When the user types the correct name and password, the function at the button "enter project" is executed, which could be e.g. a "close screen" (startscreen) function, that allows "access" to your project. With temporary login, the user is logged in only for this action, and logged out immediately after.

    The breaker also has an authorization level (same as the button "enter project") and on selecting the breaker, the user must again provide credentials.

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