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Thread: Usage of CD_DotNetControlContainer

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    Default Usage of CD_DotNetControlContainer

    I need some help for understanding how to iteract with a .net control hosted in a CD_DotNetControlContainer (activeX element).
    There is some sample in the documentation?

    I'm stuck on this code and I don't know how to proceed...

     IDynPicture picture = this.DynPictures().Item("img_Test");
      IElement control = picture.Elements().Item("ActiveX_1");
      object a = control.AktiveX();

    It's possible to access methods, properties and events of the hosted control?


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    Default Re: Usage of CD_DotNetControlContainer


    maybe this could be helpful

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CD_DotNetControlContainer_Tutorial_1.pdf
Views:	155
Size:	420.7 KB
ID:	500

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CD_DotNetControlContainer_Tutorial_2.pdf
Views:	107
Size:	305.5 KB
ID:	501

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    Default Re: Usage of CD_DotNetControlContainer


    i have created a Control but i have the problemt that when i add it to Zenon i gets
    a small Border with an almost purple color.
    What can i do to get it away? Or how can i change it?

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    Default Re: Usage of CD_DotNetControlContainer

    Btw, we have same issue with BackColor of UserControl - after insert UserControl it has RGB(FFE4C4) color. As temporary solution we change BackColor to any other color and then restore Contol color - it helps to return base UserControl BackColor.
    It reminds me the Blue ControlText in GroupBox ForeColor in VS2008, that after similar actions transforms into Black ControlText...

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    Default Re: Usage of CD_DotNetControlContainer

    After first opening zenon window with CD_DotNetControlContainer placed on it in runtime, linked dll-file becomes non-writeable.
    Is there an ability to update dll-file without close and then open runtime project?

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