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Thread: OPC Client driver in synchronous mode

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    Default OPC Client driver in synchronous mode

    Hi Sirs,

    any ideas how to configure OPC Client driver to use Synchronous I/O mode? The server I'm using (3S Codesys OPC Server supports synchronous I/O only and other OPC clients are working well with the server, however I can't find how to setup zenon opc client driver to synchronous I/O. I'm using zenon 6.50 sp0 build 0.

    Best regards to all,
    Micko (Miodrag Stojadinović).

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    The opc client driver adds the items (variables) to a group and then activates the group. (Monitoring)

    This means that the OPC server itself checks in regular intervals for changes in the hardware and the OPC server actively informs the OPC client about data changes, through the DataChange callback function. This usually is a better choice than synchronous or asynchronous reading.

    However in your case of a 3S CodeSys PLC, there may be also another option. zenon features a 3S_ARTI, a 3S_ARTI_NG, and a 3S_Gateway driver for communication to many different PLCs that are based on a CodeSys PLC.

    These drivers feature online browsing and some also offline import of the CoDeSys project.

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    Default Re: OPC Client driver in synchronous mode

    Thanks for your answer! The problem is obviously with the OPC server, for some reason it does not fire any DataChange notifications so updates never happen. However, if opc client reads data synchronously from the opc server (like Matrikon, etc.) than tags are being updated. I'm aware of all advantages of asynchronous I/O but it simply either does not work with codesys opc server or I am doing something terribly wrong. I did try it on Windows 7/Vista and XP machines with the same result. That was the reason I asked if its possible to explicitly specify synchronous I/O for zenon opc client driver.
    Regarding your suggestion for 3S-Arti (NG) drivers, I tried them too and failed to establish connection with the PLC. I can add tags to the zenon project only if I manually provide codesys symbol file to the 3S-Arti driver, however 3S-Arti driver can't neither connect to the plc nor browse symbols from the plc (symbol file is present on the plc and codesys project is properly configured). The only idea I have is that the problem may be in wrong (Sym)ArtiClient dlls I'm using, I haven't got those files with Moeller EasySoft Codesys.
    Anyway, for some reason zenon 3S-32 driver does work with the PLC , although documentation says it works only with Codesys SoftPLC !?
    So at the moment I found a solution, but the question with the OPC remains unsolved

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    Default Re: OPC Client driver in synchronous mode

    The OPC client driver currently only supports monitoring, and it cannot be configured to use asynchronous or synchronous polling communication.

    Perhaps 3S is able to tell how to configure their OPC server to support spontaneous communication, or why it may not be working in your specific situation.

    The 3S ARTI NG driver does work with several Moeller PLCs like the XC200 and the XC600, however the smaller series may not support the ARTI interface or may not support the symbol based communication or support the symbols on the PLC.

    Which (sym)articlient dlls you are using should not make a differrence.

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