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Thread: Runtime completely blocks right at the start

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    Default Runtime completely blocks right at the start

    The runtime starts with a gray screen and nothing is happening. What could be wrong?
    Please check the CPU load of the process "zenrt32.exe". If this is very high (>49%) it is possible that an endless loop is configured in the project.

    E.g. if for a picture at the start-function, a function is executed to call just this picture.

    Or a "Script A" contains a function to call "Script B" which again contains a function to call "Script A"

    Also in VBA an endless loop can be "easily" created.

    E.g. a "Do Loop": Do while not myVar = -1 ... Loop although myVar 1 points to a boolean variable which can only be "0" or "1".

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    Default Re: Runtime completely blocks right at the start

    If this is happening suddenly without any changes to the project after the runtime has not been running for a while, please patiently wait some time. If in the archiving the option "create alternative archives" is set, the runtime will generate archives for the period it has not been running. After some time, everything should return to normal again.

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    j_sigua Gast

    Default Re: Runtime completely blocks right at the start

    Hello, we just experienced sudden blue screen in Windows XP, we just restarted the system and the another message Unhandled Exception appeared

    "An unhandled exception has occurred, an error file has been writen. Please send detailed description of the actions performed which lead to this error message including in the errorfile:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\COPA DATA\zenOn621\zenrt32.txt"

    Please refer to attached about the file.

    Also, the HardCopy Pro V2.2.2 has message " This Demo Version has expired"

    So, when we run the Zenon Runtime it is running but no display of the monitoring window, it stopped with Runtime Active and stuck.

    Is there anyone who could help us with the same experience before.

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    Default Re: Runtime completely blocks right at the start

    One thing you can try is to rename your runtime data directory. When during the bluescreen a file was written to the disk by the zenon runtime, this file may have become damaged and could contain invalid data.

    When you have more than one project in the runtime, you may need to subsequently rename each runtime data directory to see which project is causing the runtime to block on startup.

    The runtime data directory is the directory where the runtime stores data. Each project has such a folder.

    The name of the runtime data folder is identical with the PC name, and by default this is a sub-folder of the runtime folder. It normally contains *.CEL files, *.AML files and several other files. If your PC name is e.g. "HMI1", locate the runtime data directory "HMI1", and rename this directory e.g. "HMI1_RENAME", and restart the runtime.

    You can search the drives for a folder named after the PC name, or you can open the "zenon6.ini" file with notepad, and locate the "VBF30=" entry. The path at this entry is the runtime directory for the startup project. In a sub-directory you should find the runtime data directory.

    You can locate the "zenon6.ini" file by typing %CD_SYSTEM% in the windows explorer address bar.

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    j_sigua Gast

    Default Re: Runtime completely blocks right at the start

    Hello Marc,

    Thank you for the response and solution...

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