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Thread: Error during the first macro activation

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    Default Error during the first macro activation

    I need a help again.

    An error "Type mismatch" is appeared during first activation of VBA macro in Runtime mode.

    It has happened when I tried to convert variable with type of double to string :

    b = thisproject.variables.item(i).value

    And when I traced it, the function str() had worked good. And after that macro worked without any mistakes.

    How can I execute the macro without this mistake at the first launch?

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    Default Re: Error during the first macro activation


    I guess that this error happens when starting the runtime, right?

    It seems to me that the variable you are trying to convert is not assigned. You can check this with the IsOnline method. Variables can be assigned by setting "DDE active" in the additional settings of the variable or by using an OnlineContainer.

    I don't know exactly what you are trying to do, but this should work:

    If thisProject.Variables.Item(i).IsOnline Then
    b = thisProject.Variables.Item(i).Value
    a = Str(b)
    End If

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    Default Re: Error during the first macro activation

    I followed your advice, but the problem was that the variables don't become ready until several minutes after Runtime reloading pass. The problem disappears in 2 minutes. I don't know how to inform the user that the application is not ready and avoid the system error. The error is still actual

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    Default Re: Error during the first macro activation

    there may be some communication issue to one or more variables or stations in the driver configuration, that cause delays. Perhaps one or more PLCs are not available that can cause a timeout, depending on the driver configuration and the project setup.

    To which driver does this variable belong?

    If you put the variable in a screen, does it also take 2 minutes for the value to be shown?

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