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Thread: [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands

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    julienk Gast

    Default [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands


    After updating our scada project to supervise wind machines, There are some problems which appear :
    (in french)
    Le texte d'action RT pour la variable d'action 'BR1!SPAZC40xLD1/CBCSWI120/Pos/Oper.ctlVal[CO]' de l'action 'Commande double: BR1!SPAZC40xLD1/CBCSWI120/Pos/Oper.ctlVal[CO] [1,1]' de la commande de verrouillage 'Verrouillage_AB' n'a pas pu être déterminé.
    Screen capture of that problem :

    To fix it, I have imported variable before updating. But I wish to know why that problem appears, what is the cause ?

    Info : variables IEC 61850.

    Thanks for helping me.

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    Default Re: [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands

    my French is a bit rusty, but if I understand correctly, this is the message that appears when for a variable for which a command interlocking is linked (return variable or command variable) no reaction matrix exists that specifies the limit texts "ON" and "OFF" (the switching direction)

    You mentioned that after importing the variable, it worked. When you are using XML Export / Import, maybe it has been the order in which your variables were imported.

    If you first imported the variables, and after that the reaction matrix, the variable was not able to link to the reaction matrix yet. If you import the variable again after the reaction matrix is imported, it gets linked correctly and the message no longer appears in the output window.

    Please note, that in zenon 6.50, the texts at the reaction matrix are now optional, and standard language-changeable texts are used, if no reaction matrix is linked.

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    julienk Gast

    Default Re: [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands

    Indeed, my variables Oper.ctVal in my double command have a selected reaction matrix case ans there is no reaction matrix.

    However, after importing my latest variables, this cases are selected yet.

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    Default Re: [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands

    I'm not sure if I understand correctly.

    When you import variables from the 850 driver, these variables are created in zenon, however a reaction matrix is not created or linked automatically. You can multi-select your variables that were imported and select an existing reaction matrix.

    Alternatively, you can also change the datatype of the variables. After import from the driver, the variables are linked to the default iec datatype. You can create your own user defined datatype, which already has a reaction matrix linked, and after import change the datatype for the appropriate variables to your user-defined datatype that contains the reaction matrix link.

    When you import variables through XML import, (variables that have previously been exported from zenon) there may already be a link to the reaction matrix at the variable in the XML file. If the reaction matrix already exists in the project when the variables are imported from the XML file, it will be linked automatically.

    Maybe you could describe a bit more what the problem exactly is?

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    julienk Gast

    Default Re: [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands

    Humm I think that you understand correctly. Actually, when i imported my variables, I had selected "Erase Data type". Consequently, lots of links are disappears in my projects. I thinks that could be the cause to my problem about interlocking.

    What do you think about that ?

    I've an other question about importing xml. What is the first XML imported in order to conserv links between variables, pictures, functions and function script ?
    Last edited by julienk : 18th November 2010 at 09:53

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    Default Re: [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands

    What do you mean exactly with "erase datatype"?

    When you XML import, and the datatype already exists, the symbol is shown as a red cross. However this does not mean "erase", but "do not overwrite". It is not possible to erase a datatype when importing a variable.

    If the datatype already exists in the project (e.g. one of the standard IEC datatypes), the default action is "do not overwrite". You can select the datatype and choose "overwrite", for example if you made some explicit changes at the datatype you are importing.

    To import parts of a project in a new or existing project, and retain all the correct links, the XML file needs to be imported in a specific order, and in some cases several times. To help you to import it correctly, there is a XML import wizard, where you can select your XML files, and the wizard will import everything correctly.

    Just press "Alt+F12" to open the wizard dialog, and select the XML Import wizard. Please note, that for zenon 6.50 a newer XML import wizard exists that unfortunately cannot be used with 6.22.

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    julienk Gast

    Default Re: [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands

    Sorry overwrite is the correct word , I noticed that overwrite data type can be the cause of somes problems in variables limits in other variables of my project.
    I wonder if other problems can be caused.

    Ok, I have seen XML wizard.

    Thanks for your help
    Last edited by julienk : 19th November 2010 at 14:26

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    julienk Gast

    Default Re: [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands

    I've some problem with the XML wizard, I thinks there is errors in VBA code, look :

    But if I comment this bloc "If" The XML import is OK. (I've Zenon 6.22 Build 1) Where is the problem ?

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    Default Re: [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands

    the wizard checks the zenon version. It has been designed to use properties and methods of a specific version, that may not yet be available in previous versions.

    It may work, when you jump over the version check, but don't be surprised if there is another error message somewhere when trying to import other things than variables / datatypes.

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    julienk Gast

    Default Re: [ZenOn 6.22 Build 1] Problem to compile commands

    Ok, but I've Zenon 6.22 so I hope that there is no more problem because of import XML files.

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