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    I started taking a look to WPF support in Zenon 6.50.
    I saw xaml example files in XAML Zenon installation CD folder.
    I succesfully linked that examples to WPF element in a test screen.

    I also drew by myself a xaml file of a test usercontrol with Visual Studio 2008, putting finally in the code the container key-tagged:
    And also seems to work well.

    Now my questions are:
    - Is it possible to run some build in methods or function without trigger a Zenon function (I mean like a VSTA form, that's in effect a class)? For Example developing a WFP application in Visual Studio a xaml.cs file is generated to handle all the events triggered in the xaml window.

    - Is there any document that describes the Zenon-xaml connection? Or only the "Viewbox" key-tag must be inserted (I made it successfully but it was just a try... lucky?)?

    - Wich is the best way to create a xaml file for Zenon? Is there a reccomended IDE?

    Thanks in advance.

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    In 6.51 the possibilities with WPF elements has been further enhanced.

    Please check out the latest zenon help (zenon 6.51) for more information, this also includes an extensive tutorial with two example workflows.

    You can design a future .wpf with e.g. Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Expression Blend. Using Microsoft Expression Design, you can import *.ai files and convert them to a wpf file (.xaml)

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