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Thread: how to check if the download from the COPA-DATA homepage is correct?

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    Default how to check if the download from the COPA-DATA homepage is correct?

    For users of the COPA-DATA homepage who can download .ISO files, it is recommended to check the .ISO file after the download to see if it has been downloaded correctly.

    This is possible by building the MD5 checksum (hash value) and comparing the generated checksum to checksum that is published in the download area for the corresponding .ISO file.

    A MD5 (HEX) checksum, or hash value, is like a digital fingerprint of a file. It is highly unlikely (although technically not impossible) that a second non-identical file has the exact same MD5 checksum.

    A MD5 checksum is often used to detect manipulations to original files, but is also commonly used to verify (large) file downloads and check for possible data errors that occurred during the download. If the checksum of the downloaded file is identical with the published checksum for this file, you can safely assume that the download was successful without any data errors.

    There are many tools that can build a MD5 checksum for one or more files, some of them integrate in Windows Explorer. One example that can be used to build MD5 (and other) checksums is FileViewer++.

    Step 1: download FileVerifier++ here

    Step 2: install and start FileVerifier++, set the default algorithm to "MD5", and restart FileVerifier++

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    Step3: click on "files" in the toolbar and select the file, for which either a new MD5 checksum should be generated, or a MD5 checksum should be generated to check against a known MD5 checksum, in order to e.g. check a downloaded file for corruptions or check a file for modifications, without the need to download the original and compare both files.

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    Step4: after the generation of the MD5 checksum, the result is shown. (takes approx. 1 minute for a 4 GB .iso file)

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    Default AW: how to check if the download from the COPA-DATA homepage is correct?

    Since this post, MD5 hashes have been replaced by SHA1 hashes to avoid possible ambiguity.

    Fileverifier++ is also capable of creating a SHA1 hash.

    SHA1 hashes are generated for all COPA-DATA setup downloads that include .ISO files, .BIN files as well as build setups.

    On completion of a download you can generate a SHA1 hash for the downloaded file, using either Fileverifier++ or any other tool that can create SHA1 hashes.

    In order to verify the download, please send an e-mail to COPA-DATA support and include the filename of the setup you have downloaded, and the SHA1 hash for that file.

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