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Thread: VSTA macro with arguments

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    Is it possible to sent arguments to a VSTA macro using a function in zenon ?

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    Stephan de Wit

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    I'm not really sure what you try to do... but you can sent a argument to a internal variable by using a zenon function "Send value".
    This variable you can add to a OnlineVariable and over the ChangeEvent of this OnlineVariable you can get the argument.

    What exactly want you try do to?

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    We are going to open an Access database using command line to execute specific macro's within this Access database.
    Since we have 73 objects in which there are at least 10 different macro's we would like to use something more systematic. So I was thinking of a VSTA macro which could handle arguments like this:

    public void MacroTest(int First, int Second)
    { + Second.toString()); 

    Then i would like to be able to set these arguments from zenon using the functions.

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