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    Could anybody please give me some guidance or an example project on getting started with scripting with zenon (VB or or C#). I do not have an idea where to start.Any basic application will be welcome.

    Thank you.


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    please have a look in the zenon manual, there are some samples for C# and a lot of samples for VBA. There are also some simple samples here in the forum which might help you to start over with VBA/VSTA.

    The help topics are:

    If you are using zenon 6.50
    - Manual -> Programming interfaces
    - Automation Interface

    If you are using zenon < 6.50
    - Manual -> VBA
    - VBA


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    When you already have experience with VBA or VB.NET and C#, I would recommend visiting a zenon VBA/VSTA training.

    This one day training will show programmers the possibilities and features of the zenon programming interface. You will learn how to create wizards for automatic engineering in the zenon editor, and learn about the possibilities of the programming interface in the zenon runtime.

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