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Thread: How to access to IEC 60870 IOA adress in Runtime

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    Default How to access to IEC 60870 IOA adress in Runtime

    Hi AlI

    How to Access to Driver Variable IEC60870IOA Address in runtime and get it as string ?

    I want to show it. For Example

    Circuit Breaker Position (2000) where 2000 is IEC 60870-101 Object address.

    is it possible?

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    Default Re: How to access to IEC 60870 IOA adress in Runtime

    as far as I know, this is not possible

    The dynproperties for the Variable that can be used to set the object address in the editor, are not available in the runtime. (Debug.Print myVar.DynProperties("IEC870_IOA1"))

    Also the variable diagnosis screen does not show the extended addressing properties, like the sector, ASDU type and object address, in the "address" column.

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