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Thread: parallel installation of two servicepacks

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    Default parallel installation of two servicepacks

    How can I install two servicepacks parallel? If I update, always the original version is overwritten.
    When installing multiple versions or servicepacks parallel, the Startup Tool must always be used to register and start the correct version.

    In order to have two servicepacks parallel on one PC (e.g. SP0 and SP1), please create a copy of the original installation directory in the COPA-DATA directory. After finishing copying it would look like this: one directory "zenOn 6.21" and one directory "zenOn 6.21 - copy". Rename the directory "zenOn 6.21 - copy" to "zenOn 6.21_SP0" and create a new entry in the startup-tool. Now install zenOn 6.21 SP1 and the original directory will be updated.

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    For the version of generation 6, service packs cannot be installed in parallel. It is possible to use several service packs but not to install.

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