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Thread: V-460 Runtime close event

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    Default V-460 Runtime close event

    I'm writing my programm on C# which connect to V-460 Runtime and get values of variables. I use Interop.zenOn.dll for it. It work good. Now I want to cautch events in my programm when V-460 Runtime close or reload. Do you have example how to do it.

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    If the zenon RT will be closed or a reload will be executed the reference to the COM-Interface will lost (Interop.zenOn.dll). In your case it would be better to check the availability of the Interface cirular.

    You can solve this problem by using the System.Windows.Forms.Timer whith the event handler of the Timer.Tick. With the Tick event handler you can check period of time the interface is still available or not.

    For example:

              if (this.Interface == null)
                  // Check if zenOn is registered in the ROT.
                      this.Interface = Marshal.GetActiveObject("zenOn.Application") as
                      // Time for check the zenOn COM Interface
                      m_cCheckTimer = new System.Windows.Forms.Timer();
                      m_cCheckTimer.Interval = 2000;
                      m_cCheckTimer.Tick += new EventHandler(CheckTimer_Tick);
                      this.Interface = null;

            void CheckTimer_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
              Debug.Print("CheckTimer_Tick " + 
                  Thread.CurrentThread.GetApartmentState().ToString() +
               " " + Thread.CurrentThread.ManagedThreadId);
              // Check if Interface available
              if (zenRuntimeCOM.ZenonCOMApplication.IsAppOnline() == false)
    ("CheckTimer_Tick zenOn is abnormal Terminated");
    new EventOnUIThread_Application_OnClose(OnEventOnUIThread_Application_OnClose), null);
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