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    Can I use from serial type transport for pc?
    My application is not CE device, so I interested download project files to pc by serial com port in Remote Transport?
    If it is applicable, I will use it for remote engineering from office to site(for example other side of world).
    Do you have other suggestion for remote engineering? What is it requirement?

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    Yes, in theory that should be possible, however the transport will be slower, and you may have issues with communication timeouts.

    What the remote transport does, is that it transfers the changed or all runtime files to the remote system, and set the start project. Also it allows to read back runtime files from a remote system, to import changes made in the runtime on this system back into the editor.

    In the project remote transport settings, you can choose between a TCP/IP or SERIAL connection.

    To make the remote PC's transport service listening on a serial port, instead of a TCP Port you need to modify the zenon6.ini file:


    Please note, that I haven't tested this.

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    which termination do you recommend for RS232 connection ?
    pin 2 TX
    3 RX
    5 G
    Also is this your recommendtion for remote engeineering in zenon?


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    For remote transport over a serial connection, you need a serial cross-over cable.

    I've explained a bit what remote transport does. Is this what you mean with "remote engineering"?

    In your local editor, you create the project, compile runtime files, can test locally in the runtime, and then you can "deploy" (remote transport) the runtime files to a remote PC, that is running the zenon runtime.

    In almost all cases this is done with remote transport over TCP. Also the topology view, that comes with zenon 6.50 and allows easy deployment of multiple projects on several PCs in the network, uses remote transport over TCP in the background.

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