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Thread: Access properties in symbols

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    Default Access properties in symbols

    I would like to check the properties of all the elements in a project with a wizard.
    With symbols (element.type = 129) I would like to see the type of the elements grouped in the symbol (as I can do watching the exported XML page that contains it) but via VBA I can't.
    I can access the properties of the included elements with
    "ObElement.DynProperties("Elements[" & DynPropIndex & "]"
    But from there I can't understand the type of the element.
    How can I do?

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    Default Re: Access properties in symbols

    Symbols can be encapsuled in other symbols that are again part of other symbols. You need to walk through until there is no symbol left, to get to the elements and their properties.

    Take a look at the frmLanguageWizard, and the procedures "SearchElements" and "GetElements" and where these procedures are called. This may help.

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