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Thread: Populate listbox from SQL

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    macdaddy Gast

    Default Populate listbox from SQL

    Good morning,

    I'm trying to modify an existing zenon 6.22 project which uses a listbox to select a product number and send a corresponding integer value to the hardware which tells the machine which product is in production.

    Currently the Product numbers and integers are hard coded into the listbox values and I would ideally like to make this dynamic from a SQL database to allow for new products.

    I have written some VBA code to query the database but I cannot see how I can use the returned data to populate the listbox. Could somebody point me in the right direction please?

    Best regards,


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    macdaddy Gast

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    I've just found this entry in the help files for combo/list boxes:

    Not supported are dynamic behavior and the linking of macros to element-events (e.g. LeftClickUp…)

    Does that mean that what I'm trying to do is pretty much impossible or is it refering to something else?


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    Default Re: Populate listbox from SQL

    Please check out following thread :


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